Opposites that attracted.

She’s a chic cowgirl from Texas. He’s a charming Costeño (from the Caribbean coast of Colombia). She’s a thinker, the creative visionary. He’s a storyteller. She’s a minimalist. He never – ever – throws anything away. She’s an old soul. He’s old. Well, older than she is. Theirs is a fated juxtaposition that makes every day an adventure.

But together they are balanced. They’ve conquered life’s adversities because when it comes to core beliefs, they are perfectly aligned. They’re drawn to things with character. And people of character. They’re hopeful that loyalty is not a forgotten virtue. They inspire each other to be better people because they never lose sight of the things that really matter, like cherishing Sunday mornings in bed with their little ones.

There have always been quaint evenings by the fire pit, accompanied by bottles of red wine and musings on how they’d spend their golden years. They dreamed of starting a lifelong project that would marry their passions. At last, from one summer night’s vision, their dream finally came to be – a modern vintage market nestled in the heart of their own community.

Jen Carreno: A little about the artsy curator.

JC_300She’s got a distinctive sense of style that’s always hip. Born with an eye for design and an obsession with craft. When it comes to style, her philosophy is based on finding things that work well together. If it’s not overdone and looks effortless, she knows she’s found that sweet spot. Partly an innate trait. Partly her passion as a design enthusiast, Jen is the brains behind the operation and the curator behind the brand. She has tirelessly sought out the local market for fresh goods that emotionally connect and elevate style. She covets sophisticated casual brought together by simple lines, unique textures and rare hues.

With two decades of experience in advertising and marketing, Jen has the expertise to make brands successful. In fact, she brought countless national brands to life as a senior vice president and creative leader for one of the largest independent ad agencies in the US. She’s now taking her knowledge and experience and investing it into a brand that embodies all of her lifelong talents and passions.

Juan Carreno:  A bit about the free-spirited half.

JP_300He’s a friendly face that connects with everyone. It takes a different kind of talent to be such a people person with a genuine knack for making them smile. And, as a man of high conviction, Juan stands tall as the biggest fan for all of his wife’s talents. RareHues is the perfect outlet for his dynamic personality where he can develop relationships, meet interesting people and carry on the intimate conversations he treasures.

Who would have known that this lifelong businessman had an artistic side that would flourish later in life. Juan’s creative side was discovered while collecting wood for the backyard fire pit. He started transforming his wood finds into salvaged gems that combine nature with purpose. And, as a storyteller, you better believe each piece has a memorable one to share. Since then, he has branched out to welding artistic metal works that all revolve around the conversation.

Let’s not forget the little guys. And the not so little one, too.

There’s two little guys with big hearts and huge imaginations. And one bigger guy, just shy of 6 feet tall, who isn’t the least bit shy. Their three boys are the brand’s best advocates. They’ve embraced RareHues from day one and revel in finding small treasures of their own. Look out for their smiling faces for this is most certainly, a family friendly affair.

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