Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our business, all sales are final.

Does RareHues buy vintage and antiques?

We do not buy from the public and have our own established suppliers and vendors from whom we curate our collections.

What is a modern vintage market?

‘Modern’ is what differentiates RareHues from any other vintage market. Extensive research and planning has been invested into revamping an old past time that will excite and attract today’s modern consumer. We're using both style and technology to deliver an intriguing shopping experience like no other.

What do you mean by curated?

Curating is another point of differentiation for RareHues. This allows us to showcase evolving merchandise that's on trend while maintaining freshness in our store.

What’s the meaning behind the name ‘RareHues’?

The term “rare hues” refers to the sophisticated colors derived from mixing varied amounts of the three primary colors. They're often uniquely tinted, beautifully complex shades uncommon to the colors we know. They embody the mixing of old and new. Contemporary and classic. Refined and rustic. And they're the inspiration for a marketplace unlike any other.

The proper way to spell our name is RareHues (initial cap with no space between the two words.)