ourstoryThey say things happen when you least expect it.

One summer afternoon while antiquing with her family on vacation, Jen sensed her shopping time was getting limited. Too little space to move around. Too much fragile clutter. And no place for tired little feet to rest. It was at that moment she realized the age-old antiquing experience needed revamping. She began to visualize a place that would redefine antiquing in the 21st century. A place full of personality and character, that was also visually inspiring. A place that could house old treasures, and still host young families. A place more appealing to the modern customer. And then it clicked – a modern vintage market.

Behind the name.

The term “rare hues” refers to the sophisticated colors derived from mixing varied amounts of the three primary colors. They’re often uniquely tinted, beautifully complex shades uncommon to the colors we know. They embody the mixing of old and new. Contemporary and classic. Refined and rustic. And they’re the inspiration for a marketplace unlike any other.